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We Hate Our Exes' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
We Hate Our Exes

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My ex got his girlfriend in on it. Please help! [15 Feb 2006|01:40pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

According to my ex's new girlfriend I am a vengeful bitch.

I’d like her help in proving her correct:


1 coincidence| revenge is sweet

I need to vent, although very raw and disjointed [16 Oct 2005|11:27am]

[ mood | distressed ]

History of the end in my journal-goes back 2 pages. And Hell is too good for her.

So, yea, she looked for a way out because there is no money, just like last time, she planed a fuck-trip to make me mad, and I throw her out. Now it's not her fault. Now she can cry to her family and friends at how she's suffering. And they never know what she's done with the finances here how she's left my family.

revenge is sweet

New here [16 Oct 2005|09:18am]

~The hate I feel towards her right now, consumes every fiber in my being. I send out to her a lifetime of suffering and misery, and whatever she touches, from here-on-in will turn against her. She will remember me, and my hellish anger each time she reaches for happiness, and sees it pass her by. ~
revenge is sweet

[21 Jul 2005|08:58pm]

hey this is my first post its long and crasy so read on...................... as my first post i must share this experience of utter insanity, I must document the craziest , experience I have ever been part of . FOR THE LOVE OF GOD if you ever meet charles M. campbell from davis , ca RUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so serious, he is my ex boyfreind , we would have been together for nearly 3 years on the 18th of semptember, oh if only I had run then...last night after 3 months he calls me at midnight, says he misses me , he wants me to pick him up , he calls me baby , he says how he had a breakdown and heard voices telling him to kill his mother, I think oh christ almighty , he really is crazy, well we talk for an hour , I end up telling him no , I will not come pick him up, but maybe tomoorow , hey I'm in need of a little sex anyway right? well he calls back in at one 1m , telling me sorry for freaking me out , then he calls today to say that again and that he's proud of me for moving on and doing well, but he doesnt know if we can kik it tonite becuz his freind needs him or some other such nonsense, I recgognise this as an attempt to back out from a self pity booty call, I would have done the same , I tell him so , you know it's okay if you were just lonely last night and it was a booty call, I am completley honest, he says no no , i really miss you I'll call you later balalalalalal...so he's suppoused to call me later, well i call him at 10:00 tonite, a crying girl answers the phone, I ask who it is she say his GIRLFREIND, so I say oh well can I talk to him 4 a sec? yeah , I say dude , you coulda a told me you had a girlfreind, he says HOW DID YOU GET MY NUMBER??? i'm like dude you gave it to me , we were suppoused to chill tonite, he goes "no!! my mom wouldn't give it to you !!!!!.....what ???? he';s totally lying , in front of the poor girl!!! so i hang up , i am in shock!!! but I am intent on saving the poor girl who sounded so much like i used to when he used to make me bawl...so i call back , she answers , I say honey this is his ex girlfreind and you need to know that he called me last night and ...YANK he yanks the phone out her hand, " why are you calling me ?? leave me alone ?? how did you get this number?? " PSYCHO STATUS!!!!! i'm like charles , I don't care I'm over you, just why are you lying to the poor girl , this has to be detrimental to your spirit , and hers , come on how can do that to her?/ i'm saying all this calmly but I wanted to say it loud enuff so she could hear , anyway he continues to act like I'm screaming at him , and I'm thinking good god this man is insane !! well it goes on and eventually I tell him please tell the poor girl , cuz now that I know her name and where you guys live I'm gonna have to tell her, I will not let her become another me ... and hang up , then I think that his mom always had some sense, maybe she'll talk to the poor girl, so i call and ask if I could speak with her for a moment, I tell her that her son called me and wanted to sleep with me last night , I call him back and his poor girlfreind answers crying , can you please tell her , I just feel so sorry for her that he is trying to cheat on her with me . she says , well I feel sorry for you !!!! I know what your like !!! I know !! I know !! hahahaah, OMG!!!!! so i say lady you raised a really really crazy son... she hangs up ...HOLY GOD ALMIGHTY!!! I HAVE NEVER IMAGINED THAT SOMEONE COULD BE AS CRAZY AS CHARLES!!! PLZ IF SOMEONE KNOWS HIM OR HIS NEW G/F TRISH PLEASE HELP HER !!! THEY LIVE IN THE IVY TOWN APTS IN DAVIS >>THE MAN IS UTTERLY INSANE !!!! I seriously thanked god that i did not go pick him up last night , and that I'm not with him anymore , holy christ ...tell me is this not insane???
revenge is sweet

The Harassment Continues [17 Jul 2005|11:23am]

Umm... so I've had 0 contact with my ex-girlfriend for a few months now. She sent me a text message via phone last week:

July 12th - 11:22PM
In hospital 4 kidney stone again. Wish someone was here. :(

July 14th - 7:09AM
I know u hate my guts, but I wish u were here. I am feeling so bad & wish someone was here with me. Can't describe the pain I have right now. :(

July 16th - 5:12PM
I'm sorry for sending msgs the other day saying that I wish you were here. I was just wishing SOMEONE was here. And it was late and no one was around.

Well, that was all that involved her kidney stone incident. I didn't reply to any of those and question here purpose. After all, she accused me of being abusive and threatened me that she would take me to court for hitting here (something I never did). So if you were at the hospital, would an abusive person be the LAST person you would contact?

Ok, on to the next subject. Seems she followed a link to my friend's blog in which I posted a comment.:

"Well, I have some input here.

I want to talk about my ex-girlfriend. When I met her, I thought she was the most awesome person. She wasn’t the most attractive (yet she wasn’t ugly - she was cute) and I didn’t know about her mental issues, but over-all she was awesome!

Now fast forward 2 years. We lived 2 hours apart. And if we had a chance to dress up a little bit and go out - wait - if we were to go out at all… she would spend a lot of time contemplating what clothes fit her. And she would soon get angry because her clothes didn’t fit. Then she would throw a fit calling herself fat and start crying. This puts me in an awkward position. It’s the position where no matter what you say, it will be wrong. And if you don’t say anything, that will be even worse.

I’ve made the remark that if she wants to lose weight, she needs to do something about it. Heck, she even paid for a gym membership but never went. She would come up with every excuse in the world why she couldn’t excercise. Her schedule was to work all day, come home and sit in front of her computer all night and not eat healthy or on a regular basis.

Now, I don’t want to be blamed for being a bad person. But in that case, it’s completely up to her to get in shape. I was happy with her the way she was and therefor I didn’t think she had any reason to be mad at me. But she was. She was mad at me because of her own insecurity with her looks and weight. And I couldn’t be in a relationship with someone who was constantly mad at me for reasons that “I” can’t control."

And here were her responses via text message.

July 17th - 10:08AM
By the way... glad to know that you're actually finally admitting that you never thought I was attractive. Just like I said before: lies.

"She wasn’t the most attractive (yet she wasn’t ugly - she was cute)" I think she really mis-read that.

July 17th - 10:09AM
You don't even know me. You never wanted to. Like I said before, you have more compassion for complete strangers than you ever had for me.

I was just responding to a friend's blog. I think I'm kind of a sensitive guy and like to be able to help others. Is that such a bad thing?

July 17th - 10:11AM
You are the absolute last thing I need in my life right now.

That's fine. You don't need to tell me that because I'm not in you life nor do I want to be in your life. And if this is true, then why the hell did you send the messages on the 12th and 14th?

July 17th - 10:17AM
Good luck finding your prom queen, Jonathan

When did I ever ask for a prom queen? Delusional.

July 17th - 10:17AM
Sorry that I didn't cut it because I wasn't hot enough for you.

Did she not read the last part of this sentence? "She wasn’t the most attractive (yet she wasn’t ugly - she was cute) and I didn’t know about her mental issues, but over-all she was awesome!"

July 17th - 10:24AM
Maybe you should set yourself as an example. If you were so damn perfect, I would have been the happiest girl on the planet, but you made me miserable.

I never said I was perfect. But uhh, you're insecurities make you miserable.

July 17th - 10:24AM
Maybe you should take a look at yourself since you seem to think that you are a flawless angel.

Where does she come up with these? I also never said I was a flawless angel.

July 17th - 10:32AM
I do NOTHING to you, but yet you can't seem to let this die. But then again, I guess you have nothing better to do w/ your life than bitch about someone else.

I was using my experience as an example.

July 17th - 10:33AM
After all, when we were together, you didn't have anything better to do than always wishing you were with someone else because I wasn't hot enough for you.

Did I mention delusional yet? Where does she come up with this "hot enough" stuff? To me it seems that she has no self-esteem and wishes she was hot... or something like that.
revenge is sweet

Tell her to stop! [13 Dec 2004|09:56am]

I don't know what to do. My ex-girlfriend of a few months ago seems to still be obsessed with me. Even though I have moved on (well, still trying to anyways) and I thought she has done the same. Apparantly she still has some sort of obsessive issue with me because my AIM away message mentions a "girl".

She's been leaving messages on photos of a local photography site for this one photographer like:

"Hey there baby....nice tree!"

and "p.s. When are you coming to Philly?"

And I know that she's writing these things because she knows that I read this site every day. Fucking bitch.

Alright, now let's fast forward to today. I'm hanging out with my friend Eve tonight so I have that in my away message on AIM. Big deal right? Well, I got a ton of text messages from her this morning about this. I thought we were over. I thought she had moved on and I did too...

"You are just disgusting. At least I know that I'm not crazy and you were fucking eve the whole time we've been together and all u did was lie to me."

"My feelings never mattered to you. All you've cared about is yourself. You never loved me. And u lied to me and told me that nothing was going on with her."

"Why am I always the girl that every guy dates before he gets back with his ex. And if we were still together you'd lie to me and tell me that u were w other ppl."

"And please tell your mom the truth so she stops calling me. Maybe she deserves to know the truth from me. No one has ever hurt me like u have." - I know for a fact that my mom DOES NOT call her.

"You are dead to me."

"Of course ive always been dead to u. I know it would be better if i was dead. Then I wouldn't have to think.

"Well i dont feel so bad about going out with someone else so soon and getting laid last week. At least had the morals to be honest with u and not cheat." - ummm... if we're not together, then how am I cheating?

"Maybe u should make the announcement about u and eve on your website. After all as far as everyone is concetned i haven't been in your life 4 ages."

"And now it all makes sense why u never mentioned me. Because youve been with eve the whole time." - That would be impossible since she lived in Washington (3000 miles away)!

So, I'm keeping these text messages in case I need them for evidence of some sort. But how can I make her stop? Do I call the police? If so, what the heck do I say to them? She lives 2 hours away. Can I get some sort of restraining order against her? How does that work with things she does online? I really don't know how to go about legally stopping her from these emotionally abusive messages. Please help!
1 coincidence| revenge is sweet

[08 Dec 2004|02:06am]

I dated,married and divorced my husband. Then i dated Jarom for a year and half. Moved back to Florida, and dated this guy named Chris on and off for a few months. A week after breaking up with him the last time, I met George *my fiance* and we have been together ever since. My Ex Wrote me an email.Collapse ) It is really sweet,unfortunatly is is a day late and a dollar short. Why is it, this stuff always happens once you are in a good relationship. There will always be a special place in my heart for Chris, and he knows it. How could I not have one... i mean.. Did you read this thing?
revenge is sweet

Newbie Alert. Feel free to read my story, and tell me I am stupid [04 Dec 2004|10:12pm]


*I am Lisa
*I am Gemini
*I am 20yrs. old
*I am divorced
*I am engaged
*I live in Jacksonville FL
*I am clean from drugs for 3 years
*I am clean from alcohol for 8mos
*I am clean from cigarettes for 6wks
*I am new to this community

My Exs:
[1] The guy I lost my virginity... *rolls eyes*
[2] The guy I married *drives self into wall*
[3] The guy that was my everything *reminised*

I thought I should share my story.

revenge is sweet

Funny Ex husband [18 Oct 2004|12:21pm]

Hi! I saw this posting on eBay for a guy who is trying to sell something from his ex-wife. Take a quick trip - it is a REALLY funny read!
revenge is sweet

Photo of a girl [18 Oct 2004|12:06pm]

I don't quite understand my ex. Here's the situation...

I have a photo in my living room of my friend Dan, Nicole, Nicole's son, Nicole's sister Yvette, and my daughter. The photo was taken about 2 years ago. My ex is absolutely pissed that I've had this photo in my living room for 2 years. She's mad because I went on a "date" with Yvette a few months after the photo was taken (long before I met my ex-girlfriend).

She goes on saying "You have a picture of your ex-girlfriend Yvette in your apartment but you don't have any of me!" My response to this is 1) it's not just a picture of Yvette - it's a picture of my friends when we went camping and 2) she was NEVER my girlfriend - we were great friends and decided to go on "a date" in which there was no kissing or anything, just dinner and a movie. And actually, I did have several photos of her in my apartment.

Then she says, "But I bet you don't have any photos of me at your work!" Now I think to myself, "I'm just not going to be able to win this am I?" The fact is, I DON'T have any photos of her at my work. In fact, I don't think I've ever had photos of my girlfriend at work.

I try to look at things her way but they just don't make sense to me. It's a photo of a bunch of my friends. I always blame her bi-polar/depression for these things and then she gets pissed when I do that. Can anyone else explain any of this?
revenge is sweet

[27 Sep 2004|02:25pm]



are you broken hearted? join notes_2_my_ex
do you have unsent letters? join notes_2_my_ex
do you have lingering feelings for your ex? join notes_2_my_ex
want your ex to suffer? join notes_2_my_ex
want your ex to know how you feel? join notes_2_my_ex
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does your crush even know you're alive? join notes_2_my_ex
do you have a secret love confession? join notes_2_my_ex
are you dying inside? join notes_2_my_ex
did you think he/she was "the one"? join notes_2_my_ex
do you feel alone? join notes_2_my_ex
are you tired of crying? join notes_2_my_ex

revenge is sweet

*grumble* ...Ex's = Shit. [28 Aug 2004|08:27pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Okay, I am very sad and even in tears right now. My ex boyfriend Derek was telling me about how his 'girlfriend' (Who might I state is online, he's never met her, they have talked on the phone) was 'raped' by this guy SHE went to go see. He freaked out on my saying "I'm a bitch, I'm this I'm that" Because I told him the story is pretty farfetched.

The rest of it, VERY LONG!Collapse )

revenge is sweet

[25 Aug 2004|02:04am]

You all know I wouldn't do this if I didn't think it was worth it!

click!Collapse )
revenge is sweet

ddr_zealot (my ex) and sugoi_sakura my replacement [23 Aug 2004|04:10pm]

The following is an explaination of what happened from April to July of this year. I'm so fucking hurt that it's killing me . He is moving in with her and leaving our friendship and relationship because that is what she wants. He's 27 she's 21 and i am totally fucked. Feel free to comment. BTW i gave my all to this guy. I made sure he moved out of his house, assumed most of the bills (along with my hubby...it was a polyamorous relationship), and emotionally supported him. They met in Feb/March, he was dating both of us without her knowlege since April and since we had been together for a year and a half and were very close she has banished me from his life. they are getting an apartment in december. these are my posts in the polyamorous communityRead more...Collapse )
revenge is sweet

Weird feelings of what? [28 Jul 2004|10:27pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I have to get this out. It’s driving me completely insane. Today, I’m in my car minding my own business when out of the blue, after like 3 years, I see my ex (which I’m sure this happens to a lot of people) but look, my whole body started this really annoying shaky thing, the blood rushed to my head and I was completely taken over by something freaking weird. He was behind me in his truck for about 2 or 3 miles but then turned off. After he was out of sight, I was normal again. What the hell happened to me?

I don’t even like this guy nor have I thought about him in a long time. Occasionally he might come to mind if I see a truck like his or a restaurant we used to eat at. Also, it was a really bad relationship. One of those you have to pry yourself out of cause there’s this indescribable fixation. A hate/love sort of thing. Hard to explain. Anyhow, it freaked me out.

2 coincidences| revenge is sweet

Killing herself? [27 Jun 2004|09:10am]

My ex needs some serious mental help. She started IMing me some nasty shit when I was away. Then she sends me this email.

"I'm sorry for sending those messages to you last night. I was hoping that I would have run off the road or hit something and killed myself, but unfortunately it didn't happen last night. But I've been taking my anxiety medication on a non-stop basis for two days now. It makes me feel so relaxed and carefree and I'm hoping that it will ease my passing when the day comes soon enough. It's great when you're drinking, too! Then I'll feel great when I die and make everyone's life so much easier!"

She's always talking about killing herself when her depression/bi-polar (whatever the heck she has) kicks in. I can tell her she needs to seek help or go to a hospital when she's feeling like this. But she would turn around and say something like "Why should I? You don't care." Which in fact - even though she's my ex, I still wouldn't something bad to happen to her. Of course maybe she's just saying this because she wants me to talk to her. That could be the way her mind works. When someone has such mental issues it's hard to figure out what/why they are thinking or reacting the way they are.
revenge is sweet

The Lies [24 Jun 2004|07:53am]

I think it's weird that my ex-girlfriend emailed me yesterday and had the following to say.

"I'm happy to hear that you've met someone else already. It didn't take much to replace me."

Ummm... I haven't met anyone new (physically) or started dating anyone. So what the heck is this all about? Is she just saying this to try to get in mind? Is she saying "here I am - I'm still around - you can't get rid of me"?

1 coincidence| revenge is sweet

The latest [17 Jun 2004|04:02pm]

here's the latest email from my psycho ex-girlfriend.

"So I guess that gives me the right to say that you're the biggest absent minded dickhead I've ever dated? How does that make you feel?

And yeah--we aren't together yet AGAIN so I guess that explains why you've decided to start talking to her already. Funny how I never really dated anyone or talked to anyone when we weren't together since January. Yet, you were talking to Michelle 3 weeks ago and reading and commenting on her blog. Yet you can't even read mine when we're together.

Just go fuck her already. She's head over heels for you so why wouldn't you want someone who is nuts about you? To stroke your ego a little more. And stroke your head, too. mmmm yummy. Maybe I'll get a little bit of that action on saturday night after the wedding."
revenge is sweet

Crazy ex-girlfriend email log for today (so far) [17 Jun 2004|02:51pm]

I got a ton of emails today from psycho. It's a lonnggg post. Please take a look over on my journal for a refreshing view of the emails I've received from her today. Someone please put this girl out of her misery! She belongs to LJ... I wish someone would teach her a lesson.

revenge is sweet

*sigh* u.u [26 Feb 2004|05:23pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I'm new here and I thought I'd just talk my relationship with my ex: Derek.

The relationship with him..Collapse )

3 coincidences| revenge is sweet

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